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SIZE: POUND   UPC: 76542004363   MFG#: 807

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Back to Nature Strip-Tox DGA is a special dry grain additive, which when added to lead paint waste renders the waste non-hazardous for disposal. Can be used after lead paint removal with any Back to Nature paint remover.

Product Specifications
VOC g/L: 0.0    
EVAP Rate: Slow Odor: Mild
• Environmentally Friendly
• SCAQMD Compliant
• CARB Compliant
• OTC Compliant
Product and Case Dimensions
Case Weight: 50 lbs.    


Frequently Asked Questions - Paint & Varnish Removers

What product can be used to remove paint from a fiberglass boat?
Ready Strip Marine will effectively strip marine paints without damaging the gel coat or fiberglass.

What is the coverage for Multi-Strip?
Approximately 50-75 square feet per gallon, depending on coatings being stripped, number of layers, and surface being stripped.

Do Back To Nature Multi-Strip or Ready Strip Plus stripped surfaces need to be neutralized?
No. Surfaces can be cleaned with water or Back To Nature After Wash after coating removal.

Can Multi-Strip be used to strip a fiberglass door?
Yes. Follow label directions for best results.

Will Back To Nature strippers work on concrete?
Yes. Since concrete is porous, additional time or applications may be necessary.

Can I use Back To Nature strippers for outside projects when temperature is 40'or below?
No. Back to Nature strippers are most effective at 60-80'F.

Will Multi-Strip damage glass?
No. Multi-Strip is safe for use on glass.
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