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Custom Packaging and Private Labeling

Custom Packaging and Private Labeling

Sunnyside Corporation’s Custom Packaging and Private Labeling Division is your single source for turnkey product packaging solutions. For over 100 years we have been driven by an unmatched commitment to quality and service. Custom products are formulated and packaged to meet each customer’s strict guidelines and requirements.


Our customer service team, chemists, production staff and quality assurance technicians ensure the highest level of product quality and customer satisfaction. Sunnyside offers a multitude of packaging and blending options, we fill most standard steel and plastic containers from 6oz to 55 gallon drums, with the capabilities to fill other specialized containers. State of the art production equipment enables Sunnyside to provide packaging and blending solutions for most liquid products including Flammables, Combustible, Corrosives, Fuels, Coatings, and Water Base Products.